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Foundation: Pathway To Legacy Living™
Pathway to Legacy Living ™provides foundation stewardship principles to “LIVE FREE” in Christ to God and others. It is an introductory overview of our four educational workshop series.

It sets the foundation to help you learn how to live your legacy, in order to ultimately leave a legacy. This FREE foundation course is “required” in order to qualify purchasing other courses or to become a subscription member of Transformational Finance.

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Series I – 180° CashFlow Strategies™
“Think Like a Business, Act Like a Bank“
180° CashFlow Strategies™ builds the basics of creating and managing your personal income, expenses and accelerated cash growth strategies.

“Using the Bank’s Money to Make You Money” Debt cards or Charge cards
Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable
Understanding Operating Lines of Credit
Cash flow working with accumulation

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Series II – Freedom: Debt, Tax & Risk Mitigation™

In Freedom: Debt, Tax & Risk Mitigation you will learn to leverage yourself against unforeseen financial hardships.

Learn how to rapidly reduce debt, minimizes taxes, and understand various protection/insurance products that are designed to help protect you from unplanned incidents harming you. 

You need to know when, how and how much to fund products to ensure your well-being against financial 

This course is not required to move onto Series III (coming soon), but requires passing a ‘TEST YOUR LEARNING” Quiz before moving on to the next course.

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Looking for reliable help in learning how to use your finances God's way?

The Level One Membership gives you access to getting your Financial Future back on track, along with an amazing set of tools and resources Transformational Finance

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Where should I start?

Like with all great learning platforms, the place to start is with our Pathways To Legacy Living – TF’s introductory course …

When you take Pathways To Legacy Living, you will understand your full potential of being a good steward of your finances, God’s way.  Click the button below to get started. 

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