We Believe

Our Philosophy

We recognize the relationship of the great teachers and their greatest students. They are a reflection of each other. And in that relationship, we see the essence of who we are as a brand.

You see, we think of ourselves as partners with our students, and we evolve with them. As a result, we are each reflections of the other.

We also understand the desire to create income through impact. We seek a similar vision—financial freedom re-imagined—and our goal is to show you the path, walking with you as a teacher and guide, for as long as you’re willing to do the work.

Who We Serve

We serve God’s family, and all those who desire to be faithful stewards of the resources God has placed in their care—people who are focused on storing up their treasures in heaven and desire to bring value and make a difference in this world.

You’re a good fit for our TF community if you share a love for Christ and others, and if you are committed to learning and sharing new ways of thinking about managing God’s money and resources.  

You aspire for financial and lifestyle freedom, to have more resources and time to love one another.  You want a lifestyle that you can design around your calling, instead of having to fit your life around your work. You’re also willing to roll up your sleeves and do whatever work is necessary to achieve those goals.

Finally, you aren’t participating just for the money—though being financially free is still important to you. You understand that as God’s people we are to multiply resources—so that we might give back generously to others in need. In short, you’re a giver and contributor to help touch the lives of others in love and sharing, just like us.

What We Do

We provide financial education, coaching, and support  that equips you with the knowledge, tools and resources to impact your own financial well-being, the community around you, and your ability to influence God’s Kingdom on earth.

Transformational Finance brings in-depth training programs to help you build and scale a successful financial portfolio. This begins with a firm foundation in knowing it means to be God’s steward and how to live the legacy you ultimately want to leave.  This brings you into proper financial financial management and accelerated cash flow opportunities; protecting your family during difficult times; various investment strategies (do-it-yourself or via a professional); establishing a business; tax strategies; and what it takes to do estate planning.

Each of the courses builds upon the one before it. Therefore, it’s important that each student has a clear understanding of each level before moving on to the next one.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, but a lifestyle change. 

But here’s where we differ from most other training organizations: We’re educators first. Here, you won’t be given access to your training and left to figure it out on your own.  We provide weekly group coaching calls, you have access to a personal coach who will walk with you, assisting you in making decisions and answering your questions for as long as you’re active in the program.

Whether you’re already affluent and an experienced investor or just starting from scratch—you can achieve success in the time frame that makes sense for your life and financial goals. We’ve helped others do it. We can help you too.

Our Story

Transformational Finance was founded by Margaret Rabbitt, a successful business entrepreneur and former Financial Advisor, along with a team of faithful Christian leaders each bringing a specific skillset.   Their expertise ranges from establishing a business; sharing various investment strategies; insurance and protection vehicles; real estate, tax strategies, banking and accounting; and much more. 

Margaret received God’s call to “help set God’s people free” in the summer of 2015 while writing a business paper on the challenges of baby boomers struggling with financial instability and inability to retire and increased debt.  After months of preparation and through prayer and devotions, Margaret prayed for God to surround her with the right “Christian leaders” that would become a collaborative group of experts to lead this effort. Through her sister who lived in the Portland, OR area, she was introduced to Stuart Funke and the God-led team that has provided the content and support necessary to bring Transformational Finance from a concept to reality.

This Kingdom-driven stewardship approach is the core of our TF financial freedom training programs and community.  It has helped numerous people  achieve their own version of success over the past several years.  It all boils down to each individual’s level of desire, commitment and willingness to step into a new paradigm and away from the world’s view of financial success.

Our Values

Our seven (7) core values drive everything we do.

Love and Serve God

Empower Others

Foster Enthusiasm and Positivity

Consistently Innovate and Adapt

Provide Support, Appreciation, and Humility

Demonstrate Openness and Transparency

Cultivate Partnerships and Community

Transformational Finance desires to create a community of sharing and caring among God’s people. We desire to build deeper commitment to financial stewardship and see lives transformed. We’re redefining what financial freedom really means. We’re re-imagining financial outcomes—from making money to making a difference.

We believe success is a direct result of a paradigm shift. “Change Your Thinking; To Change Your Life!”  Ultimately, we want to help you see your vision of success fully actualized. That’s what we call a win. And that’s what Transformational Finance is all about.

Our Team

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