Series IV: Leaving Your Legacy™

Wealth Transfer”

“Leaving Your Legacy™” is the last of the four courses.  It ensures that affairs are in order with best practices to leave a legacy for future generations.  This set of workshops cover wealth transfer, estate planning (wills & trusts), asset protection (mitigating inheritance tax), legal arrangements (power of attorney, medical power of attorney, funeral arrangements, etc); leaving your valuables for your loved ones; message to leave behind (write your memoirs).

  • Leaving Your Legacy demands leaving a sustainable legacy. Clarifying what’s needed to empower versus entitle future generations legally, morally and financially.
  • Will or trust – what’s right for you?
  • Understanding taxes and how it affects you and your heirs
  • Understanding how insurance supports estate planning strategies
  • Defining your exit strategy
    • Transfer of Assets
    • Medical Power of Attorney
    • Living Trust
    • Funeral Planning
  • Funding donations / endowments
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