Series III: Growing Your Net Worth™

Expanding Assets & Allocations”

Growing Your Net Worth focuses on multiplying your resources – time, money and people, and preparing for changes in economic times, principles three and four in Craig Hill’s book, “The Five Wealth Secrets.”  As wise stewards of God’s resources, we are taught in Matthew 7:24-27 that we are to build our house on a firm foundation, and by doing so, we will withstand the times of unrest and volatility.

In this series of workshops, you will learn how to expand your Assets and Allocations through becoming the lender, not the borrower.  You will also gain an understanding about protecting your assets; short-term and long-term investment strategies; and ways to build passive income through direct investments, real estate investing, and setting up your own business!  The purpose of Series III is to accelerate cash flow that multiplies the resources God has placed in your charge,

Part 1: Your Savings Buckets: Start by Protecting Your Assets:

This series starts out demonstrating how to protect and save our short-term and secure a long-term safety net by applying IRC code #7702 utilizing insurance as a savings and protected long-term investment vehicle.

Learning Objectives:

  • God’s Framework for Successful Investment – Stewardship
  • Basic Understanding of IRC Rule # 7702 – Insurance as an Investment
  • Implement Your 6th Money Bucket: Fixed Savings Alternative
  • Secure Your Retirement: Create Your Own Private Pension Plan
  • Grow and Protect Your Net Worth: Benefits of Implementing a MEC
  • TF Calculator – What-if’s using Insurance IRC #7702 – Insurance as an Investment

Part 2: Longer Term Investing: Using Proper Leverage in Paper

In Part 2: Longer Term Investing: Using Proper Leverage, you will first learn the basic principles required in short term investments and protecting your money. to successfully grow your net worth, you must learn to change your thinking from the world’s view and start realizing that you are God’s steward over the resources He has placed in your care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Rule of 72 – Understanding Compound Interest
  • Basics of Investing – Stocks and Bonds
  • Understanding the Risks and Rewards
  • Benefits of Tactical Investing
  • Investing in Paper – Stocks, Bonds,
  • Understanding Qualified versus Unqualified Plans
  • Things to Know When Investing to Reduce Your Risk
  • Investing Basics and How to Get Started
  • TF Calculator – What-if’s using Paper as an Investment

Part 3: Real Estate Investing: What to Know

In Part 3: Real Estate Investing: you will learn the fundamental principles you need to know to make wise real estate investments. Affluent and savvy investors recognize that oftentimes to multiply your net worth, real estate investing is a primary asset for your financial portfolio.

Remember, you are the President of God’s resources!  Because He desires for you to multiplying HIS resources, you must start thinking as a smart business owner ~ strategically and tactically.

Learning Objectives:

  • The 1 Minute MBA / Time Value $
  • Creating Real Estate Value
  • Creating Real Estate: Understanding NOI
  • Understanding CAP Rate
  • Looking for the Right Geography and Product Type
  • How to get started
  • TF Calculator – What-if’s using Real Estate as an Investment

Part 4: How and Why to Own a Business

In Part 4: Creating Your Business, you will learn the basic principles required in knowing how to set up your own business; benefits of owning a business; and why every person should own their own business.

We take the concept from Think Like a Business to Own Your Business. To best multiply and manage the resources God has blessed you with, it is beneficial to know how to manage it with planning and knowledge! To do so, you must learn about business and what best fits your Vision and Passion God has placed in your mind and heart.

Learning Objectives:

  • 10 Bible Verses For Every Business Owner
  • Benefits of Owning a Business
  • Understanding the Different Types of Businesses
  • Business Tax Write-Offs – How and Why
  • How to Set Up a Business
  • Legal Requirements to Maintain Your Business
  • Creating Your Business Plan
  • TF Calculator – What-if’s using your own Business as an Investment

There is so much information that is available for various investment strategies, that it is impossible to cover them all extensively in this four-workshop series.  Therefore, we encourage you to join our Level 3: Investment Club to take advantage of the various subject matter experts in specific topic categories.

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