Series II – Freedom: Debt, Tax & Risk Mitigation

“Conserve and Protect”

  • Debt, Tax & Risk Mitigation teaches ways to rapidly reduce debt, minimizes taxes, and protection vehicles to keep unplanned incidents from harming you.


  • Setting up insurance policies – when, why, how, questions to ask
  • How to set up a business entity and knowing what business structure is right for you
  • How to on reducing taxes


  • Review Personal Taxes – Know how to move expenses off of Sch-C and 1040
  • Set up Entity Structure – LLC, S-Corp or C-Corp
  • Reverse Mortgage – Use to reduce debt and increase investments
  • Personal Insurance Review

Course 2(a): “Know Your Taxes; Create Your Entity”

(This first 2 hour workshop walks you through the ins and outs of your personal and business tax returns.)

  • Finding more of your own money (Part 2)
  • Setting the stage from “Thinking Like A Business” to “Structuring Your Own Business”
  • How to apply appropriate tax strategies and corporate structures to companies
  • Q and A

Please bring with you:

  • personal tax returns
  • business tax returns (if you have one)

Course 2(b): “Managing Risk: Be Your Own Business”

(This second 2 hour workshop covers the 4 elements of risk and what to look for in insurance coverage.)

  • Quick review of Course 2(a)
  • 4 elements of risk: Avoid, Reduce, Retain, Transfer
  • 4 basic types of insurance coverage: Stuff (like Auto/Home/Rental), Liability, Health, Life
  • Explaining the 5 different types of Life Insurance
  • 2 main reasons for having Life Insurance: protection, be the bank
  • How to use tax codes with tax free benefits, if properly designed
  • Q and A

Course 2(c): “Debt Reduction”

(This third 2 hour workshop sheds new light on paying off debt, how to increase cash flow margin to turn our disappearing dollar into the reappearing dollar.)

  • Quick review of Course 2(b); follow-up summary on insurance protection
  • When and how to attack bad debt
  • Increase cash flow margin and put it to work
  • Ways to turn our disappearing dollar into the reappearing dollar
  • How Reverse Mortgages work; how to use to reduce debt and increase investments
  • Entity structuring that can save money and add financial protection for you and your family
  • S-Corp verses C-Corp
  • Q and A

Course 2(d): “Tax Snowman”

(This final Series II, 2 hour workshop will discuss the importance of managing your marginal tax bracket to minimize taxes and the proper use of leverage.)

  • Quick review of Course 2(c)
  • Taxable vs. Tax Favored vs. Deferred
  • Discover the “Marginal Rule”
  • Managing your marginal tax bracket; how to stay in the 15% and 10% brackets
  • Proper use of leverage = cash flow real estate
  • What are capitalization rates and leverage?
  • Q and A
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