Series I: 180° CashFlow Strategies™

“Think Like a Business, Act Like a Bank“


  • Creating your P&L buckets
  • Obtaining a line of credit and questions to ask – how much to use
  • Using the calculator See Calculator Example: Tice Calculator this will be added into 1(c) workshop in Series I
  • Setting up your P2P account and how to make sure your funds are being invested
  • How to do a sweep account using float cards and your line of credit


  • Complete Your Discover Sheet
  • Read “Five Wealth Secrets”
  • Complete Personal P&L (Buckets)
  • Line of Credit or HELOC
  • Open up P2P Lending – Prosper or Lending Club
  • Open up Equity Institutional Account

Part 1: “Defining the Money Buckets”

(This first 2 hour workshop provides the overview of the complete 16 workshop course.)

  • Begin with the end in mind…. Many streams of income
  • Tracking your personal P and L
  • Decisions you make versus decisions “THEY” make for you
  • Finding more of your own money Part 1 (part 2 in series II)

Part 2: “Using the Bank’s Money to Make You Money”

(This second 2 hour workshop explains how to increase cash flow by “acting like a bank”.)

Debt cards or Charge cards
Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable
Understanding Operating Lines of Credit
Cash flow working with accumulation
Q and A


HOMEWORK: Complete the following prior to attending the final 1(c) workshop:

  1. Complete Spending Plan and Categories
  2. Research Lines of Credit (LOC)
  3. Secured and Unsecured
  4. Personal and Business
  5. Research first position Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Part 3: “Learning How to Sweep Accounts”

(This third 2 hour workshop will be a “hands on” class where you will learn to begin the process. Bring laptop computer to practice opening accounts online.)

  • Sweep Accounts (Operating LOC)
  • Be the bank, Peer to peer lending
  • Linking your Checking to your sweep account
  • Q and A

Part 4: “Putting Your Plan in Place”

(This final Series I, 2 hour workshop brings it all together; putting action to knowledge. Bring laptop computer. We will walk through the process of opening up a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) account.)

  • Walking through the steps, and reviewing/discussing:
    • Cash flow management with the 5 buckets
    • How sweep accounts work with your line of credit
    • Cash flow acceleration – provide an illustration
  • If time allows, we’ll describe the differences between a Self-Directed IRA & Custodial accounts
  • Q and A
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