Affiliate FAQ's

It’s free. You’ll make money. It adds value to your site and encourages repeat visitors. It’s easy. You earn commissions and handles all the order registrations and customer service.

It’s helping to spread knowledge to others about financial stewardship according to God’s Word with a step-by-step hands-on approach and support by a Christian-centric community!

It’s connecting Christians together to become more equipped financially and a like-minded community that supports and learns from each other.

Read the affiliate network agreement and fill out the online application. You will be notified when your site has been accepted. During the evaluation period, we’ll visit your site and make sure it is an appropriate match for the TF® Online Affiliate Program. Upon approval, you will be given detailed instructions on how to log in to your account area, select and place your links. You will have a variety of banners, buttons and text links from which to choose.

Once you have placed your links, you can start generating additional revenue. Over time you can continue to optimize the program and further increase your income. The affiliate network can help with additional questions, promotional opportunities and best practices. 

The TF® Online Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission by linking visitors from your website to It’s also an excellent way to enhance your site and offer more value to your customers. Via the affiliate network you will have access to an online password-protected reporting system providing detailed statistics for your site. By placing banners, buttons or promotional links within your website, proprietary newsletter or e-mail, a visit to through your link resulting in a purchase will earn you a percentage of the sale. We take care of all the order fulfillment and customer service. We also keep track of your sales and send you a monthly earnings check in the mail.

Commission fees are paid on a monthly basis.

By carefully following the instructions for collecting and placing links from your site to, you’ll enable clear tracking of where each visitor comes from and who makes a purchase. We employ cookie technology for these purposes; links from your site contain your site’s unique source ID. Every time a user comes to us via your links, we know to credit you when a customer purchase is made. 

No. Our frequent product updates, promotional pricing opportunities and community/coaching support are all part of our integrated customer experience environment. In order to ensure proper tracking, reporting and superior customer service, we must host the transaction. We take care of the order, customer service and fulfillment so you can focus on your website and traffic development. 

Yes. Once you have been accepted into the program, you will be given access to your Affiliate Partner Tracking and Reporting Interface. You will be able to view your earnings and traffic reports at any time. These reports not only show you what you earn, they also track other site performance indicators that will assist you in fine-tuning your participation and maximizing your income potential.

Yes. You can earn commissions on any purchases you make from visiting through your own site’s TF® Online Affiliate Program link.

If a user cancels their membership or registration and requests a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction.

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