Freedom: Debt, Tax & Risk Mitigation™

  • Freedom: Debt, Tax & Risk Mitigation™ instructs in how to rapidly reduce debt, minimizes taxes, and enhance your understanding and process for implementing appropriate protection vehicles (i.e. insurance). Also covered in this course series is knowing how to set up a business, what kind of business is right for the client, and tax strategies to enhance your financial portfolio.

    Before moving on to Series II: Freedom: Debt, Tax and Risk Mitigation, clients must demonstrate we require that you have completed the “Pathway to Legacy Living™” and complete a check your understanding questionnaire for 180° CashFlow Strategies™.


    The purpose of Series II: Freedom: Debt, Tax & Risk Mitigation™ is to further widen your financial margin spread, knowledge on how to leverage yourself against unforeseen financial hardships, and to reduce expenses through tax strategies.

    The world system tells us to think of self before others. God says to think of others before self and to give the first fruits of our proceeds to help those in need.  In Genesis 41:46-57, Joseph was appointed by Pharaoh to manage the storehouses for those in need during the seven-year drought.  To have the resources, Joseph learned how to be a wise administrator over the resources.  Joseph managed the resources as a business.

    In Series II: we will show you how to create and manage your own business entity utilizing the resources and talents God has given you.  Proper management of resources is wise stewardship.  God’s desire is for you to manage resources as a business… God’s business!

Course Information

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