Overview: TF® Online Affiliate Program (US)

Transformational Finance’s mission is to help set God’s people free from financial bondage, so that they can “LIVE FREE” to serve HIM and Others”.  

That means everything Transformational Finance teaches and does—TF OnDemand education, coaching, community, generous giving—is to grow God’s Kingdom to become free from the bondage of financial debt and worry; and to receive the abundant joy of generous giving to others in need.

Whether it’s a basic understanding of how God wants us to think about money; setting up your own financial management system; reducing debt or building passive income strategies; or real estate investing,

Transformational Finance and our community inspires you with financial performance solutions you knew you needed or wanted, but haven’t been able to find elsewhere that allows you to retain stewardship over God’s resources entrusted to you.

 Affiliate Program Highlights & Benefits

  • 5% commission, 30 day cookie
  • Average order size: $100 (tbd)
  • Comprehensive data feed, updated daily
  • Banner and text creative, updated monthly
  • Cross device tracking
  • Frequent communications regarding upcoming training programs, new online education products, resources or tools, technologies & promotions
  • Transformational Finance offers a 10% discount to Military, Veterans, Police, EMT and verified Students

​Supporting Your Success
If you need a custom creative request, ideas to grow your performance or would like general feedback or support, our team is here for you. We take a partnership approach and look forward to working with you!

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Transformational Finance’s mission is to help set you free financially to serve God and Others. That means everything TF does—educates, coaches, Christ-centric community, support, and financial expertise—actually does something.

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